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Volpes Group is looking for Real Estate Agents with experience and customer portfolio, fed up with the costs of managing an agency or do not feel part of a winning brand. The intent is to include these figures in the group providing them the opportunity not only to continue to manage their customers, but also to acquire new ones we signaled.

The agent will thus be able to present itself to the market strong, as well as their professionalism and experience, also the prestige and confidence that a solid and recognizable group can guarantee; the agent will be part of a team of professionals with which to compare and work together thanks to moments of briefings and training courses, and also receive specific legal and commercial support; the agent will no longer bear the cost of hiring or advertising, he will dedicate and focus solely on doing his job.



  • essential qualification to adjust the profession of estate agent
  • previous experience of at least 2 years in real estate
  • interpersonal and negotiation skills
  • capacity for autonomous organization of their work
  • ability to work to targets
  • sense of initiative and pro-activity
  • Secondary school diploma or degree average
  • better knowledge of English at least discreet
  • Excellent working knowledge of computer applications
  • aged under 25



  • Access to advanced marketing tools
  • Gain competitive rates
  • legal assistance
  • access to a consolidated customer database
  • Training and education
  • professional and dynamic working environment
  • excellent earnings outlook
  • Work headquarters in Rome and Milan
  • representative offices
  • prestige of an established brand and known


Those interested and meet the requirements, can send your CV to the email

The CV must bear the candidate's permission to use your data in accordance with the provisions of Law 196/2003.

Followed by direct contact by our Manager to arrange a cognitive meeting or to provide information regarding your request.


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